Final Reflection

UOSM2033 has been a breath of fresh air from the usual lecture and seminar focused modules. The sheer freedom and flexibility of when and how you write your post has allowed me to evenly spread my workload and also focus on applying for placements. I made the Infographic below to show a few of the many things I enjoyed about this module.

What I enjoyed.png

At the start of this module we were asked to complete a self-test to help us track our progress. Below is a graph I have made using the data from my self-test to see how I have improved throughout the module. (Full self-test can be found at the bottom of this post)

self-test-graphThe graph shows that I have improved at least a bit in every area covered and I honestly feel I have taken many new skills away from this module. I personally feel I have advanced the most in producing online materials and this is something I will definitely have use for in the future.

Most people my age spend the majority of their time online and would probably consider themselves a digital resident. However, after completing this module and acquiring a better understanding of these concepts, I would conclude that I am neither a digital resident nor a digital visitor. Instead, I feel I sit somewhere on this continuum, perhaps closer now to a digital resident than ever before.

Topic 3 opened my eyes to the importance of ensuring continuity across social media platforms, making myself more discoverable to potential employers. Changing current profile pictures and using the same username on LinkedIn, WordPress, Twitter, YouTube and Gmail has helped link all of my profiles together into my own professional portfolio. Furthermore, this topic brought to my attention the seriousness of keeping professional profiles separate to personal profiles in order to avoid incidents like Justine Sacco.

I have been improving my LinkedIn profile to the point where my profile is now considered ‘expert’ level and I have seen significant increases in my profile views, placing me in the top 9% of my connections.



This module has definitely taught me the importance of being active online and ensuring I am constantly engaging with my connections and followers.

Since starting to regularly check my LinkedIn, I have noticed a massive increase in views on my profile. What is even more shocking, is that I now spend more time on my professional accounts than I do on my personal accounts, which is definitely a better use of my time.

Overall, this module has definitely widened my knowledge in all the areas covered, from creating and managing my online profiles to educating me about the risks of being online. It took me almost an hour to publish my first post as I couldn’t bring myself to press the button. However, I now feel far more confident about posting online and look forward to continuing with my blog in the foreseeable future.

Below is a video I made looking back on my previous posts.


Word count: 500

Self Test:


Infographic made on:

YouTube video:



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