Topic 4 – Reflection

The freedom of this week’s topic allowed people to dive further into areas that they found interesting. Personally, the idea of ‘catfish’ from the point of view of the person whose identity is being stolen interested me the most and I felt very strongly about this topic. What was surprising was Tiffany also felt strongly about this topic especially because she herself has been used to ‘catfish’ someone else. We shared very similar opinions and both spoke of the damage it can cause.

Joe’s post about teachers using social media really stood out to me this week. He presented some really interesting ideas and strongly believes teachers should not have to give up their online identity. His argument is based on the idea that teachers have to choose a different name in order to protect themselves from children’s prying eyes, which in his opinion defeats the point of having a true online identity. Although I agree that it is not  fair for the teachers, I do not think that students and teachers interacting on social media is appropriate.

Gus’s post on online identity and how it can affect our employment prospects was a major wake-up call to me. He suggests that companies can get hold of your social media profiles regardless of your privacy settings. I have always believed that the security settings offered me a shield from potential employers, so I will definitely check through my posts more regularly. He also mentions that if you don’t have social media pages there is the possibility you to be discriminated against. I found this to be a very interesting point as I would have expected social media to be more of a hindrance when applying for a job.

Reading the many different approaches to this week’s choice of topics has been incredibly interesting and has shed light on a variety of topics in ways I would not have considered. I look forward to next week’s topic and learning more from the many different approaches.

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