Reflection on Topic 3

After reading many different posts about how an authentic online professional profile can be developed, it became clear that there were quite a few different approaches. Although many agreed that LinkedIn was essential people had different ideas about how to best create an online professional profile.

I found it interesting to read the different takes people had especially Will’s post which pointed out that the most obvious and straight forward way to start is by conducting yourself well online. Interestingly, Will belives that if you are a professional this should be reflected in everything you do online. However, in my opinion I think this is not true. The internet is there for many purposes, one of these is being professional but I think there is also a time to use it for leisure and socialising. My facebook for example is not professional but I limit who can see what I am posting to ensure it cannot hinder potential job opportunities.

Hei’s post was another which I found interesting to read, referring to today’s workplace as a jazz band. She speaks about the importance of having multiple professional accounts and using the combination of platforms to make up your professional profile. I have to be honest and say before taking this module I would never have thought to use anything other than LinkedIn when creating my professional profile. She also refers to vloggers such as Zoella which I would also not have thought about when creating a professional profile but it a unique way to stand out from other people.

Topic 3 has made me understand the importance of being professional online and how best to go about creating a profile. As previously mentioned I am currently on a search for a placement as part of my third year and having an appropriate professional online profile will play a very important role in securing a good position.


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