Reflection on Topic 2

After reading a variety of other student’s responses to this topic it became clear that many people had similar views to me. I did not expect quite so many people to bring up the point of MTV’s ‘Catfish’, however I think that this illustrates just how much of a concern it is in today’s society.

Almost everyone seemed to agree that in terms of professionalism it is a good idea to keep your social life (i.e. Facebook) separate from your professional accounts such as LinkedIn. However, there is some discussion as to whether perhaps having these partial identities across different platforms is a deterrent for employers as they do not get to see the complete view.

I commented on Chris’ post, his concluding paragraph interested me the most as his opinion was that he had not yet established an online identity. I thought this was an interesting opinion however I questioned him on this raising the point that in order to take part in this module everyone will have created some form of online identity regardless of their past internet use.

Claire’s blog featured a video which suggested that people portray their most attractive side online, meaning your online identity is an ideal version of yourself in order to achieve likes or follows. She also addressed the issue of having separate identities for professional reasons. I then asked if she thought everyone felt the need to share different information on social accounts opposed to professional accounts, or if this was just something students did as a precaution?

This particular topic was enjoyable to research and something that everyone can relate to. There is a lot of bad press about identities online such as ‘catfish’ and perhaps not sharing your true self with employers. However, it is clear that there are also many advantages. As I progress through university and into the real world it is something I will keep in mind.

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