Reflection on Topic 1

Before this module I had never been exposed to Word Press, used a blog or used twitter for anything other than retweeting funny cat videos. This module has opened my eyes to this new way of learning which is not only challenging but has the potential to be very rewarding.

I firstly commented on Hannah’s post as it was clearly laid out and easy to read. She included a video which made her post more interactive and enjoyable. I especially liked at the end where she placed herself on the continuum and backed it up with reference to her online habits. My second comment was on Xiaolu’s post. They made a point of saying that Prenksy’s ideology was too one sided which I agreed with and thought it was an excellent point to make. However, I also felt that they spent too much time speaking about digital ‘natives’ and digital ‘immigrants’ instead of focusing on digital ‘visitors’ and digital ‘natives’.

I enjoyed receiving feedback from other students as it made me go back and re-read my post. Both Chris and Tobie’s comments agreed on the fact that my blog post was not as personal as it could have been. Unfortunately the part I struggled with the most was trying to condense my points to make them concise and fit within the word limit. On reflection it is clear that I should have focused more on my own opinions as well as being concise.

What have I learnt? Well, I now understand the concept of digital ‘visitors’ and digital ‘residents’ and the idea that it is not a case of being one or the other but rather where on the continuum do you fit i.e. Are you closer to digital ‘visitor’ or digital ‘resident’?


I also have more of an understanding of how to create a blog which I hope will become even clearer as the weeks go on.


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